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My friends and I rushed around the kitchen to scramble dinner together in time for the 2017 Grammy’s this past Sunday night, and we all watched the award ceremony together at my friend’s downtown apartment. As soon as the red carpet started, we sat down and paid full attention. We all talked, gossiped, and even disagreed about every performance and every nominee. Congrats to Chance the Rapper for winning two Grammy's for Best New Artist and Best Rap Artist and to Adele for taking home a total of 4 ½ Grammy Awards. (Five, really, but one broke in half for Beyoncé.)

In my opinion, the performances and the red carpet are the best part of the Grammy's. Performances from Beyoncé, who portrayed herself as a God-like figure at the last supper, Gaga with Metallica, Bruno making us drool, Adele singing in honor of George Michael's passing, and even Keith Urban and Carrie Underwood's country vibes added to the variety of genres. Other performances included the Weeknd x Daft Punk, Alicia Keys x Maren Morris, Ed Sheeran, Kelsea Ballereni x Lukas Graham, John Legend x Cynthia Erivo, Katy Perry and much more. There were more duos this year then singles, which blew our minds.

My friends and I were running to the kitchen then back to the TV, patiently waiting for Gaga and Beyoncé’s performances. I could write an essay about all the drama, tears, twins, and politics that went down at the award show but I’ll cut it short for you. Rumors circulated about whether or not Beyoncé would perform, but she did it. Of course, she is pregnant, so she wasn’t performing as wildly, but she still pulled it off. She sang her top songs from her album that was nominated, Lemonade: “Sandcastles” and “Love Drought.” Can we talk about the religious reference though? This was predictable, but still iconic. Her female dancers sat at a long table with a bunch of chairs, hmm, sound familiar? Like maybe the last supper? Comment what you think below.

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This is clearly Gaga’s year; after her over-the-top Super bowl performance, she showed off with the heavy metal band Metallica and crowdsurfed.

Yes, she did that, but we aren’t surprised.

Adele accidentally cursed the F word (fashion), and apologized over and over in honor of George Michael; she even wanted to start over: “I can’t mess this up for him.” Bravo Adele, bravo.

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The Grammy Awards gave us a raw feeling of how real world issues affect all of us, and under all the negativity and what our country is going through, it goes to show that we need to stick together and remember We Are The People. Adele and Beyoncé gave us that representation of love and honor. Adele loves Beyoncé and wanted her to win the award for Best Album of the Year. The love spread throughout the crowd, and Adele kept us on our feet, instead of our couches.

I know I missed so many details; I encourage readers to make positive comments on their feelings, views, and thoughts on this year's Grammy Awards. Till next season.

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