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First Day Number 18

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In my life I have had 17 first days of school. This week marked number 18. With 17 notches on that belt and 17 “Hello my name is Christina Romano. I’m from New Jersey. My favorite color is red and my fun fact is that I have a beauty mark on my bottom lip.”

Number 18 went no more smoothly than any of the previous 17. I stood up and right away I was deemed “The American.” I thought that would be seen negatively but everyone was fascinated. My classmates wanted to hear about New York, they wanted to ask me into their group for projects, they wanted to accept me. Just as I have come to London to explore a new culture and a new way of life, the students of Westminster are just as curious.

To be considered a full-time student one must be enrolled in four “modules”; our internship counts as one. The other three classes are held once a week. Two of my classes: Image and Identity Management and International Business, consist of a professor giving a lecture for one hour then an hour-and-a-half seminar doing activities that relate to the topic discussed in lecture and discussing assessments. At the University of Westminster, my grade for each module consists of two things: the grade given on my group report and the grade given on my final report.
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My other module, Modern Art in London, is awesome.  It is the longest class (5 hours) but we go to different art museums and private galleries around London and view and analyze monumental works of art from the 19th century until now. For the first week we explored the Tate Modern Museum and I think it became my new favorite place in all of London, for this week at least.

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