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Eat. Pray. Love. (Melbourne-style)

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The flight was long. I flew from Atlanta to Dallas. Then Dallas to LAX, LAX to Sydney. Finally I flew Sydney to Melbourne. The flight from LAX to Sydney was the longest but the easiest. They put you in a coma. It is always dark and comforting. Though I flew a lot it was totally worth it. Australia so far has been a wonderful place to me. Everyone is so nice and helpful. It reminds me a lot of being home in the south. Friendly smiles everywhere. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images toni parks blog1 resized 600
Style! Style! Style everywhere! One of the main things you notice here in Melbourne is that everyone here has a great sense of style. They are not afraid to step outside of the box and enjoy themselves when it comes to fashion. It is great encouragement to always express yourself.

TV here is horrible, but for a reason. From my observation I have seen that the people of Australia are all about being outside. They love fellowship and enjoying the beauty of nature. It is more about social interaction here than personal entertainment.

I have decided while here to dedicate myself to opening new doors within myself. I am hoping to go through that great change like the main character in the movie " Eat. Pray. Love." I'm here to enjoy great food, meditate every morning and fall in love with a new culture. I feel so far away from home, but I feel closer to myself here. This is a time for all of us here to explore the greatness of adventure.

No matter where we go in life we will always remember this experience. I believe we all want to make this time of our lives the best memories we have!

Until next time! xoxo from Australia!

P.S. It is so cool how I am a day ahead of America!

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