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We here in Melbourne had a busy week. Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) set three days aside for orientation. The program began on a Wednesday and ended on Friday. It was so exciting to meet all the different students from around the world! When you sign up for something like this you really don't think about all the other international students doing the same as you! staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images parks blog2 resized 600
Two best parts of the program: free food and the icebreakers. Free food was wonderful because free food is always wonderful! The icebreakers made it very easy to meet new people. In my group I had students from the following countries: Germany, Denmark, Mexico, and Canada. It truly was such a blast!

Oh, there was one more part of the program that everyone enjoyed -- the party on Friday! The party finally gave us all time to socialize on our own time. We all, without even knowing it, made some great friends. My roomie and  I made friends with some students from Denmark and New Zealand. Those two places are so far away from each other -- and to think we met them here in Australia.

Orientation was a great example of how it truly is here in Melbourne. This city is so diverse. You can truly meet anyone from anywhere on the planet! I wouldn't even be surprised if you met someone from another planet here! No one looks the same or even talks the same. The only thing I would say that you find a lot here on the people of Melbourne is a smile. (Although it could just be the sun in their eyes! The sun is VERY strong here).

Smiling from the inside out. Aussie life is great for the soul!

xoxo from Australia!

P.S. Question for next week- Should I find a job or an internship? So many choices so little time!

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