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Surfers Paradise = My Paradise

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This past weekend was amazing. Some friends and I went to the Gold Coast. We decided to stay in Surfers Paradise. I can not even begin to express how beautiful this place is. Also, we barely spent any money for travel and accommodations. The weather was beautiful, the people were beautiful, and life was beautiful.

Surfers Paradise is very popular for its night clubs and theme parks. We all went to a really cool club called Vanity. Well, the club really is not that cool, but the restroom is phenomenal. There are multiple rooms in the restroom. There are women in there to do your make up and there is even a computer! It was truly an experience. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images Surfers resized 600
Every day I woke up and went straight to the beach. I've never seen sand so white and water so blue. We also did some surfing. The fish and chips were amazing too! It was amazing to be out of the city and enjoying the Australia that I thought I was coming too. I wish we were doing our studies in Surfers! Also, the world is so small. Rita had a friend from Canada who lives in Surfers.

Who would think that you would be so far away and meet up with someone from home? The day I meet someone from Jonesboro, GA here I will die. Hahahaha. It really was a lovely trip and I am so glad that we went.

Once we returned to Melbourne it was cold and rainy! Booooooo! No worries though, because we are off to Sydney next weekend. It is still a little cold up there, but it is warmer than it is here.

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