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Study Abroad Blog - China: Fashion Show at the Silk Factory

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We went to the Suzhou Museum today. It was incredible seeing all of the artwork and pottery there. I bought a lot of trinkets for my family back home to show them what was in the museum. There were decks of cards that had all of the pottery on the backs of the cards. They were only 12 RMB each, which equals a little less than two dollars!
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After we finished visiting the museum, we made our way to the silk factory. Boy, was that unbelievable! I had no clue about the entire process to make a single silk thread. They get the silk from the cocoons of the silkworms. They have to boil the silkworm to kill it so that it will not break the shell. It takes six silkworms in order to make one silk thread.
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There was a fashion show at the silk factory as well. It displayed all of the beautiful silk dresses and clothing made in their stores. I bought a red silk scarf for 120 RMB, which is around $18.

After leaving the silk factory we went on a relaxing boat ride and stopped at a water village. There were many different interesting shops there that sold Buddha statues, live ducks, chickens, baked goods, etc.  I was not too fond of the smell there though. 

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