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Study Abraod Blog - China: Disneyland Hong Kong

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The flight to Hong Kong was short and sweet, just like the flight to Shanghai. I thought it was supposed to be five hours to get there, but it ended up only being around two and a half hours.

We had a free day to do whatever we wanted to do. Alex and I went to DISNEYLAND! It was so cool! The castle was miniature-size, and there was only one roller coaster ride. The Hong Kong Disneyland has been open for five years now.  What I found interesting there was that there was no Mulan. There were also no Mickey and Minnie dressed up in Chinese outfits. I was looking for them specifically and was disappointed that they did not sell them.
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Alex and I stayed for the whole day and got to see fireworks at the end of the night. It was a superb day!

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