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Interning at Saint Laurent

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LIM requires all students to complete three internships before graduation. I’m currently doing my first internship, which is called Industry Exploration Internship and is in the retail field. I’m interning at Saint Laurent Paris (YSL). It is a really nice place to be an intern, and it looks wonderful on my resume.  All my managers and co-workers are really kind and friendly. They always make sure that I feel comfortable and that I’m doing fine in all my tasks.

The internship class requires me to work from 10 to 15 hours a week, for a minimum of 130 hours. It’s a good period of time and since I’m not working long hours, I have time to get all my coursework done, intern, go out, relax, and still have a social life. Since I love my internship, I feel time flies so quickly while I’m there.

Saint Laurent Paris card

LIM College is very good at helping students find internships. They organize several career fairs through the year, where many companies came to the school to recruit students. You can also use Symplicity, an online system, to find jobs, internships or volunteer opportunities for Fashion Week.

You should search for fashion internships in advance, so that you can get one with a company you really like. My advice is also to start thinking about your internship before you do your class schedule, so you can organize your time well. While you are interning, you also have to attend a hybrid class. The class is basically a discussion to see how you are doing in your internship and go over what you are learning. Make the most of your internships while you are at LIM, it’s a different and exciting way to learn!

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