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Senior Co-op Internship in Ireland: Part II

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by Kaitlyn Leonard (Class of 2014)

Prior to working on developing Green Ireland International, I had very little to no knowledge about the Chinese culture or the clientele I was trying to attract. Within roughly two weeks I had to educate myself not only about Chinese culture, travel and interests, but also Irish culture, history, points of interest, top destinations and accommodations in order to build the stepping stones for development of Green Ireland International Ltd., DMC.

I have learned how to self-teach and manage my time to effectively meet deadlines and present quality work to my manager and the owners of the company. Developing this company has provided me the opportunity to work closely with the owners of the Resort and has given me the chance to travel throughout Ireland (and hopefully China too!). 

Cork CityCork City

Now halfway through internship, I’ve found that much of my success thus far has derived from the skills I obtained starting in my freshman year at LIM College.  Taking a risk, I came to Ireland to complete a marketing internship as a Management major concentrating in Retail and Merchandise Management, thinking I would be in for a rude awakening. Surprisingly, all of the skills gained and lessons learned from various courses, mentors, internships, scholarships and extra-curricular activities have guided me to successfully developing a wide range of expertise in various areas of the international business sector.

LIM interns and Fota Island Resort management teamLocal newspaper article featuring LIM interns
and Fota Island Resort management team

As I look forward to returning home to graduate from LIM and begin working for Macy’ in August, this opportunity to live and work abroad has offered me the chance to develop personally and professionally in a place where the grass is always green.  

Cliffs of MoherCliffs of Moher

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