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A Beach Day in Brighton

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by Alyxis Flaggs

Brighton_BeachLately, I’ve been trying to “soak up all the sun” as possible these last few really hot days of summer before the weather changes. On Saturday we all decided to venture out to Brighton Beach to the iconic Bathing Boxes.

We woke up packed our lunch and had the esky (the Australian word for cooler) all packed with drinks and took the tram to the train station, and then took a train directly to the beach. It is so convenient how the trains go pretty much everywhere in Melbourne, which is great for exploring on the weekends.

When we get there I can smell the salt water and automatically think of summer vacations with my family. As we head over to the sand we find the perfect spot and set up for the day.

By that point it’s around 1:30 and it is blazing hot outside! (114 degrees to be exact.) I literally felt that I was melting, yet it was so beautiful. 


After laying out for a while and continuously going in the water attempting to cool down, we headed down the beach to go to the Bathing Boxes. 

The Bathing Boxes are like sheds on the beach but way fancier. There are 82 at Brighton and they are all pretty unique. Some people even rent them out and have lawn furniture in front of them and it is the perfect place to escape the sun for a few hours on a really hot day like today, or they are just used as decoration. Either way they’re pretty cool.

They're painted in all different colors and designs, and there was even one that resembled the Australian flag! Sadly, there were way too many people by that box I was not able to get a good picture, but it was really cool.

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