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Aussie Food Adventures

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by Alyxis Flagg

To start off, I am a HUGE lover of food! I love to go out to eat and discover trendy restaurants. So, while studying abroad at RMIT I made sure to do just that.

Melbourne is a very diverse city and are restaurants with all different types of cuisines. There is a large population of Asian immigrants living in Australia, which is great because there are tons of Asian restaurants there! From ramen, dumplings, Japanese, Thai, to Chinese restaurants, they’ve got it all.

Australian_MexicanThey even have a Chinatown as well where you can get some great food that’s pretty cheap as well! My friends and I love to get dumplings after class at this place in Chinatown. Oh yeah…and the sushi here is amazing! It typically isn’t cut into individual rolls, so it is very easy to eat and walk!

Of course we had to find a place similar to Chipotle since my LIM friends were having withdrawal. We tried out a few fast food Mexican restaurants and settled on Mad Mex being the best! I highly recommend their nachos with shredded beef.

Staying on the subject of fast food, McDonald’s here is called Macca’s and Burger King is Hungry Jacks. The food and the quality is pretty much the same as America, so I try to avoid the two.

Belles_Hot_ChickSome of my recent food adventures includes Belle’s Hot Chick, which was amazing. It’s a fried chicken restaurant in Fitzroy, and it was very trendy. The food? Absolutely wonderful! (Let’s just say I’ve been there more than once!) 

8_bitAnother food trip was to Footscray to find 8Bit, which is also this really good burger restaurant. It was like shake shack but it’s not a chain. The bacon barbeque burger and beer-battered onion rings and loaded fries are to die for! Let’s just say that I’ve made that adventure to Footscray more than once as well.

Axel_Coffee_RoastersNow on to brunch! There are tons of cute coffee shops that have amazing brunches throughout the city. One restaurant in particular was Axel Coffee Roasters in Hawthorn. There I ordered a banana caramel waffle with popcorn on it! And yes, it was amazing!

There are so many good restaurants in Melbourne with so many different types of cuisines, I could literally go on for days about all my food adventures! Well, I hope I didn’t make you guys too hungry!

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