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New York Style at the International Student Gala

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The University of Westminster accepts over 500 international students per semester from over 140 countries around the world.  We are all spread out among Westminster’s three campuses. In the beginning of the term Westminster brought us all together at Orientation, inviting us to participate in a scavenger hunt around London and a boat cruise along the River Thames, similar activities to those of LIM College’s Orientation. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images international students gala resized 600
Now that classes have ended and the exam period is quickly approaching, the University of Westminster decided to host a Gala for all the international students in an attempt to bring us together for one last time. The Study Abroad Office promoted it with “Celebrate your study abroad/exchange period in style with champagne, a bite to eat, music, prizes, souvenirs and goodie bags." 

We are always looking for an excuse to show off our New York fashion student style. The doors opened at 5 pm and we arrived at 5:45 mostly because London is not a grid like New York and we got a little lost. The event was held at one of Westminster’s graduate buildings in a conference-type setting with a large balcony. The weather has really been beautiful in London so we all got our glasses and socialized outside on the balcony.

It was an interesting transformation in behavior among the students from Orientation to the Gala. At Orientation we were all timid and unsure of what the near future would bring. At the Gala everyone was social. It was obvious what groups of friends had formed, and everyone wanted to say hello to other students they had had class with or completed a project with, it was a really favorable transformation.

While us LIM College students pretty much were perceived as a cult, mostly for our outrageously entertaining dance moves on the boat cruise, we still made great acquaintances while we have been here who some of us have travelled with, gone to movies with, made dinner with, and our London experience would not be the same without them.   

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