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Cheers for the Last Time

posted by LIM College staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents mfinnin My Documents My Pictures Website images Spring in London resized 600When April arrived, and amazing spring weather in London, the realization that our study abroad experience was almost over was in full bloom.

Unlike universities in America, the English like to give monthlong spring breaks, nothing I feel the need to complain about. Once classes finished, until our exam period at least, my required internship was completed and all that I had to worry about were my finals, my London life drastically changed. 

The carpe diem lifestyle hit me, and my fellow LIM students, hard. We entered the beginning of the end and I found myself waking up every morning questioning: “What can London show me today?”

Right across the street from our place of residence is a nice park that has a playground, two gazebos and a great deal of grassy space to lounge. The park, which we called the only perk of where we lived, became our place to eat lunch, prepare for finals, read magazines, do cartwheels and obviously love life.

The rest of my time here involved many more afternoons in the park, strolling down random streets and exploring where they take me. 

What I was looking forward to most though was my two week Italian adventure with my roommate! My last European escapade before returning to America, and starting summer classes at LIM. 
Cheers for the last time from London! 

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