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by Alyxis Flaggs

RMIT_BuildingSince RMIT has a Fashion and Textile Merchandising major it was very clear-cut and easy when deciding classes, although I could have taken liberal art courses that do not necessarily pertain to fashion. Yet, I decided to take the same classes that I would take at LIM. I am currently enrolled in Business Finance, Business Ethics, Global Fashion Marketing, and Product Ranging.

The Fashion Merchandising program is considered a two-degree major and it’s located at the Brunswick campus, which is where all of the art courses are. Therefore my Global Fashion Marketing and Product Ranging courses started earlier and are at a different campus than my business courses. My fashion courses consist of about 30 people per class, and resemble LIM courses in a way, except there aren’t that many assignments.

For my Product Ranging class, which is equivalent to Product Development, there is a lecture and a tutorial. The lecture is an hour where the professor typically goes over a PowerPoint and then in the tutorial we implement what we learned into a project, which we work on for about three weeks. The lecture has approximately 60 students and we break into two separate classes for the tutorial so we can get more one-on-one attention. My Global Fashion Marketing course, which is equivalent to Global Markets is a three-hour class and is very similar to LIM. Every week there are readings and quizzes on the blackboard. 

On the other hand, there are my business courses. So far I really enjoy ethics. This class is three hours as well, but it never lasts for that long. In ethics we discuss the different theories and discuss amongst ourselves what we would do if we were in certain scenarios. Since this class is at night there are only about 15 people in the whole class, which is great because everyone feels a lot more comfortable and participates more.  

Lastly there is my Business Finance course, which is definitely my hardest course. It consists of a lecture that is an hour long and there are about over 100 students. It is extremely easy to get distracted by all the people in the class.

I noticed that throughout all of my classes the attendance varies. Sometimes the class would be completely full and then the next week half of the class will be missing. So overall the classes are very relaxed and they meet once a week.

Students refer to the professor by their first name, and attendance isn’t very important. I do regret taking Finance, because it is extremely challenging. Especially being in another country, there are so many distractions that sometimes I tend to forget that I am actually in Australia to go to Uni (the Australian word for College), but for the most part the workload is very similar and even lighter than LIM’s.

P.S… It’s kind of hard to get a picture of a class without looking like a creeper. So above is a picture I took walking back from Finance.

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