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Finally! RMIT Village and Meeting with the Girls

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by Alyxis Flaggs

australia-672578_640The day has finally come…the day I move out of Yarra House! I thought this day would never come!

As an LIM student studying abroad in Melbourne, Australia I will be moving into RMIT Village where Ali and Nicole (other LIM students) have already arrived. I am definitely excited to move into RMIT Village and it’s a lot closer to Uni so now I can get a few extra minutes to sleep in, and it’s a lot closer to the city! 

My friend from Yarra House is helping me move all of my belongings to the village, which is great because I definitely would not be able to carry all of this by myself. At the dorm it was slightly sad to see everyone and his or her parents moving in all of their stuff. It definitely made me miss my parents, but I got over it soon enough and had to drag all of my luggage on the cobblestone path through the courtyard.

Now that I have gotten my room key and my paperwork, I am off to level two, room 226. By this point I am exhausted and was ready to meet my roommate…but unfortunately she had not arrived yet. Which is kind of a good thing as well, because now I can pick what side I want. The first thing to do though was to put the fan together since there is no air conditioning system and it’s Australia in the summer!

I was placed into a two bedroom studio that has a balcony, and there’s pretty much everything in the room. There’s a TV, microwave, refrigerator, stove top and of course a bathroom. 

Although the room is pretty small, it’s still nice that everything is in here. Since I did the study abroad package they also give me pretty much everything one would need, such as linens, cooking utensils, pots and pans, a trashcan and even a toaster! I am excited that I won’t have to buy any of that stuff. Now that I’ve somewhat unpacked I am off to the grocery store so I can finally get some food that I can cook, since I didn't have any cooking utensils before.

Later that day…

I’ve completed all of my errands and I’m ready to catch up with the girls! And, surprisingly, Nicole and I are next-door neighbors and Ali is three levels above us in a massive triple. It’s so nice to see some familiar faces around, and to talk to some Americans! Everyone seems pretty nice here. I’m happy to see how things will go here!

Well, we are off to dinner. I’ll keep you updated on next week’s adventure.

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