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Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable!

posted by Kristina Ortiz, Dean of Admissions


Traveling to France can be intimidating if you don't know French. Am I saying the right thing, will they understand me.....will I get the right order, will I find the restroom?

We Americans tend to be timid and anxious. So, how can you travel and get it right? Well, accept that you may not get it right and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. We should be respectful and learn some basics about the culture and language of the country we are visiting.

While visiting France, if we do not speak French, we can apologize and ask for help.

"Desolee, Je ne comprend pas Francais. Parlais vous anglais?"

Respectfully we can apologize for not understanding French and ask if the person speaks English. Being respectful is the key. When the person does not speak English we can learn basics of French. Learn how to order food, ask how much something costs and where the restroom is and your study abroad experience will be great!

Au revoir de Paris.

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