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Grottini Retail Environments Internship: Jennifer - Working on a Point of Purchase Display

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by Jennifer Cohen

At Grottini I also began working on the 4-Chetta project. For the 4-Chetta point of purchase display I was challenged to create a 3D model on Google SketchUp that represented what the product was, who the brand was, and what their charitable contribution was. 4-Chetta makes these really cool bracelets which look like actual forks bent into a circular shape and come in bright colors as well as metallics. 4-Chetta also has a charitable selling point that for every purchase they would donate 5% of the profits to a charity to end childhood hunger.


I experimented with many ideas before I chose the final idea. My original idea was to play into the idea of a "High Fashion Flatware," and display the bracelets on an array of wine bottles cut at different heights. I also had the idea to create a custom wine bottle bracelet holder that would suspend in the middle of the glass box display case.

However after brainstorming with Keith, the head of design, we decided that the wine bottle display would be a bit too high end for this product. The colors wouldn’t aesthetically make sense with a display made of fancy-looking wine bottles.

Chetta1From there, we decided to go with a more simple and modern approach to the display and started to circulate around the idea of a white round Japanese style plate that takes up the width of the 1'x1'x6" display box, and rises about three inches high. On this plate will be every color of 4-Chetta bracelets displayed in a way that resembles the logo of the brand.

On the outside of this display would be a panel that displayed both men and women wearing the bracelet, the logo for the brand, and their charity statement. After getting approval of these ideas, the Display Renderers actually took my SketchUp model and imported it into a program that made it look that much more realistic.

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