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Learning to Surf

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by Nicole Porras

Nicole_Alyxis_Surfing-1Learning to surf was probably one of the coolest, most fun things I have ever done in my life. Before coming to Australia I knew that surfing was something I had to learn to do while I was here because, not only would it make for an awesome story, but it is a country known for its surf culture.

Back at home a lot of people advised me to think twice about this idea because of the dangerous waters of Australia (sharks, jellyfish, stingrays, etc.) However, I am so glad that I did decide to do it despite my fears of what may lurk in the water.

First, Alyxis and I signed up for the “Learn to Surf” trip through RMIT Link, a program through RMIT University that sets up various discounted trips for students. We went to Anglesea Beach, which is very close to the Great Ocean Road, where we met our surf instructors.

Nicole_SurfThey taught us some safety tips, and how to properly get up on a surf board. Within minutes, we were in the water with the instructors trying to catch some waves. It took many, many tries but I finally stood up on the board and felt what it was like to surf. The water was nice and warm and the waves weren’t too big or too scary. It also made me feel safe that we all relatively stayed within the same area of the water, especially since it was my first time surfing.

After surfing we all sat around and had lunch and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around us. It was definitely a day that I will never forget. I am officially addicted to surfing now. I can’t wait to go again and practice some more. I already told my parents that I wanted to buy my own surf board when I got back home as well, HAHA!

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