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Reflections on an Internship: Going From Private to Private

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by Ruby Munoz (Class of 2016)

private buttons in elevator

My internship at Saint Laurent was actually my first internship, so in the beginning I didn’t know what to expect. It was actually a great experience.

My responsibilities included assisting the operational manager in maintaining an organized back of house, auditing and filing client consignment forms, handling inventory management, facilitating transfer requests, and back of house sales support.

Most of the time I worked in the stockrooms and I loved it, because every time I went into the elevator to move from one floor to another I needed a key to access the stockrooms, which in the elevator were marked as “private.” So, having the key to access the private rooms made me feel very important while interning… I just loved my weekends as an intern at Saint Laurent Paris.

Topics: study abroad, Paris, fashion internships