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LIM College Students Abroad: Class field trip to Tuscany

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by Alyssa Smethers

Tuscan_LandscapeOne of my favorite things about studying in Rome are the field trips we are able to take for our classes. I am currently taking an international marketing class here at the American University in Rome and for this class we are actually creating a marketing strategy for a vineyard.

We are trying to make a campaign for a particular brand of wine and implement it into the American market. My professor is actually good friends with the owner of the vineyard, so she was able to schedule a little field trip to tour the vineyard in Tuscany.

This was a really fun experience because we were able to get a personalized tour of the vineyard by the owner herself. She showed us her vineyard and where the wine was created. It was really interesting to see how everything was made and the Tuscan views were breathtaking.

Pici_Pasta1After the tour of the vineyard, we were taken to a local restaurant. Here we were able to sample some of the wine from the vineyard.

We also were treated to a typical Tuscan meal. The pasta they served was called “Pici,” which is hand rolled pasta that is thicker than the pasta you would typically eat. This was probably one of my favorite pasta dishes that I have tried while being in Italy.

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