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LIM College Students Abroad: Napoli!

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by Alyssa Smethers


So we continued on our trip and on Saturday we spent most of the day touring Naples (Napoli) with a tour guide.

We spent most of the day walking around “Castel dell'Ovo” and “Castel Nuovo.” These are two castles that were built during medieval times. The views from the castles were beautiful, because they overlooked the water. Castel dell’Ovo even had cannons on top of it.

After the tour of the castles, we were allowed to spend some free time walking around Naples. Here my group and I decided to try some of the famous pizza. Pizza was actually created in Naples, so it was really awesome being able to try some authentic pizza from Naples.

Naples_pizzaWe ordered three pies to split among us…pizza margherita,”Donna Maria,” and a pesto pie. Each pie had a unique flavor, but they were all equally delicious. It was very easy for me to pick a favorite, because I really enjoyed the pesto pie. 

Going out to eat in Italy is really a unique experience. In Italy, people tend to spend a lot of time in a restaurant. The waiter will not usually even hand you the check. You have to ask for it, because they do not want to bother you. Going out to dinner or lunch, is not a rushed meal. People in Italy use this as a social time and could spend hours at a restaurant talking with one another and drinking wine.

I really enjoyed this aspect of Italian life. I think that it is great that they allow you to spend time to be able to sit down, and spend time chatting over a meal. This is something I will certainly miss going back home, and going out to eat!


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