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LIM College Students Abroad: Packing to go to Paris

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by Mikayla Bunker 

Packing_List1To begin with, I have never traveled outside of the country before so all of the packing information is from various people that I have talked to and different websites that I've come across. Honestly, I’d like to be able to tell the readers that I had everything packed weeks before leaving, but in reality, life, summer and work came first, and I ended up having lists for everything, but not actually packing until the day before I left.

I tend to overpack for anything that I do. I even brought an entire suitcase filled with clothing home for one weekend away. I think being a fashion student at LIM there is a constant anxiety about not having the right outfit for each occasion and trust me, packing for Paris was the height of this anxiety.

At school I tend to wear simple outfits and occasionally dress up, but in Paris I think the majority of the population will be dressed up. I first started by researching the weather because I’m a crazy person and I wanted to make sure that I packed for all different conditions. Then I made my packing list. (See the photo above.)

(The items marked in red are edits that I made once I began actually taking out clothing and laying everything out to see what I had.)


I knew that I needed at least one nicer outfit and a lot of pieces that I could layer because I’m always cold. I wrote down everything that I could possibly need from socks to my phone charger, with the adaptor of course. The most important thing to remember is to purchase an adaptor plug kit for when you are abroad.

The next most important item to pack in your carry-on luggage is Paris travel information. I found that the TimeOut Paris guide was the most informative guide out there. Although the small little Paris guide, which shows a condensed version of the subway system, does not come with the TimeOut guide, you can purchase it in bookstores right next to the guides.

Luggage_Mikayla_1The whole trip will be just eighteen days long and Icelandair only permits one checked bag, one carry-on and one personal bag. In the end I feel like I packed light and didn't have to strain to fit everything.

The best advice that I was given was to lay out everything that you are planning on bringing and remove half the clothing. When I heard that I thought that the person was crazy, but then I tried it and I actually have room for purchases that I make in Europe. All in all I feel confident that I can navigate the suitcases that I brought throughout the airport and the city.

Happy travels! :-)

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