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Living in London

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by Tiffany D'Angelo

Tiffany_TowerBridge.jpgI’m handling the move well if I may say so myself…until I’m craving a quality slice of pizza, then it’s a different story.

I’ve lived in the same house in New York my whole life so making the move to London was a whirlwind for me. Although I wasn’t too excited about the idea of dorming, it grows on you.

At the University of Winchester I’m lucky enough to have friendly suitemates  who are also international students so they’re going through all of the same things I am. I have seven suitemates. Each of us have our own private room, there are three bathrooms to share, and a big kitchen. It’s an adjustment but you all learn how to make it work.

 My most important tips for moving in would be:

  1. Shop at Primark for all your room décor and bedding. It’s so affordable and only a short bus ride away.
  2. Talk to your suitemates! They’ll give you great tips on the most affordable markets and such. My suitemate from Hong Kong showed me a really cheap market for fresh fruits, vegetables, and spices.
  3. Be open-minded! Be as positive about it as you can and the whole experience will go smoothly. Properly settling into your room really helps make it feel like home. Sitting in the kitchen and getting to know your suitemates also teaches you so much about their cultures, which is always interesting!


Tiffany D’Angelo, Veronica Guadalupe, and friends in front of Big Ben.

Before I got here people recommended ordering stuff at Argo’s so I did that for my kitchen supplies. Just a heads up though, if you’re going to order from Argo’s, order before you get here because some things can take a day or two to be ready for you to pick up.

I live in the Alexander Fleming Halls of Residence. This hall in particular is the furthest from class (about an hour away by tube), but the travel isn’t too bad. It definitely has its perks. My favorite thing about the dorms is how close they are to all the inner city attractions. On my second day, my friends and I walked all the way along the Thames River to Big Ben. Seeing Big Ben just as the sun was setting was the most magical thing I’ve ever seen. 

Photo Credit: Veronica Guadalupe

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