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Modern Art in London

posted by Tiffany D'Angelo


Grozda.jpgGrozda by Jelena Bulajic (2014)

There are no words to describe how flawless the detailing in this portrait is in real life. It is by far one of my favorites of the semester. 

As my Modern Art in London course comes to an end, I have started to reflect on my appreciation for it. Having the opportunity to take this course as an elective also allowed me to learn more about British culture.

I finally got a chance to see some of the artwork I used to admire while studying as a humanities student while I was in High School. Although I probably would have visited on my own, it was delightful to hear the input of my wonderful Professor.

Each week we visited a new art museum or gallery, like the Tate Modern, Tate Britain, Das Institut, the Courtauld Gallery, and more. In the end, the course requires us to create a log about our favorite pieces of art, a reflection on the visit overall or on an individual piece’s significance, and some research on techniques or the artists’ motives.

In retrospect, one of my favorites was probably the Saatchi Gallery. Currently, one of the exhibitions is Champagne Life, which includes artwork made exclusively by women. It tackles social injustices, domestic life, pop culture’s impact on women, and portraits.

Each room represents a new generation of women so it really puts things into perspective, especially as a female. Perhaps I enjoyed it the most because it was the most relatable to me. Two of my favorite pieces are on this page.



Food for Thought “Almaullaqat 4” by Maha Malluh (2016)

You’ve probably seen this piece on Instagram a few times if you follow people who are from London. It received a lot of attention when I went to go see it in person, understandably so.

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