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On Packing Up and Leaving to Do an Internship Abroad

posted by Sabrina Sunde

Packing_Picture-1.jpgOne personal item, one carry on, and one checked bag. These are the pieces of luggage that I need to fit four months of my life into. As with many other parts of the interning abroad preparation process I needed to do research, even on packing! Here is some good advice I uncovered:

  • Pack with a color scheme. Everything MUST match with everything else.

  • Create a pre-pack list of all the things you want to bring. (Do this weeks in advance.)

  • Ask for advice on packing.

  • Practice packing all pieces of luggage. (This can be fun, or heartbreaking.)

  • Be sure to add all your important items. (Prescriptions, adaptors, school books, travel documents, etc.)

It is going to be tough living out of a suitcase. Not only because it doesn’t offer a lot of variety, but because I want to look professional. In Co-op prep we were told to make sure you always dress the part. When living on a limited wardrobe you can look the part, but a fair amount of the time you will have to repeat.

GoodbyeSign.jpgWhat’s more is that I am saying goodbye, getting my affairs in order, and setting out alone. There are many small details which can be overlooked when observing the bigger picture. I have another list. This one has suggestions to consider when prepping to leave for a long time period:

  • Personal matters - Do tell your friends your leaving. 

  • Professional matters - Do let any employers know what’s happening (seasonal leave/giving notice).

  • Health matters - Be sure to go the doctor or dentist before you leave and have all your prescriptions in order.

  • Assorted matters: Going to the DMV, registering to vote absentee (Pretty important election coming up if you haven’t heard.), cell phone coverage (I was advised to suspend domestic and pick up a burner in Europe), shopping (because when don’t I have another excuse to do that).

So my affairs are (mostly) in order. My goodbyes are happening. Very soon I’ll set out alone. Well, not completely alone. I still have that personal item, carry on, and suitcase.

If you want more information on studying abroad at LIM head to our study abroad page.

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