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Reflections: Who is the LIM Student?

posted by Kristina Ortiz, Dean of Admissions

louvre-102840_640.jpgOur trip is over...17 days in Paris with students of all ages from all over the U.S. Besides taking in the culture, oh, and the food, (How I love their cheese.), I also observed the ten LIM students on the trip.

My role as Admissions Dean is to know our students and the College and help students find the right fit. When parents or students ask me who the LIM student is, I am confident in my answer. I describe students that I know or research we have gathered on them, but 17 days with these students gave me greater insight and enthusiasm for who the LIM student really is. I describe it below using experiences from our trip.


Mostly a group of strangers, these students bonded more than any group I've seen before. They arrived a little anxious. For many this was their first trip abroad and for one it was her first trip on a plane. However, immediately they jumped into everything together. They supported one other, celebrated each other's differences, ate exotic food, laughed until they cried, studied, and traveled together. They became a sorority, and I use that term because I heard one call another her sister.

Summer_Abroad_2016_Presentation.jpgCulturally curious

Though the academic requirements are mainly fashion related, I know that the students chose to visit and experience so much more than just fashion. They visited the following:

Chateau of Versailles, Picasso Museum, Salvatore Dali Museum, the Louvre, Notre Dame, Sacre Coeur, D'Orsay Museum, Grand Mosque of Paris, Notre Dame, the Fete de la Musique, in addition to a quick trip to London and Amsterdam as well. (These are just a few of the places that the students went to.)

Intelligent & Mature

From Brexit to Marie Antoinette, current and past events were not only discussed, they were debated. I also attended the students' final presentation at the end of their courses and saw the way they think and how they analyze brands. Their presentation skills were superb. They commanded their audience and I don't think I heard one "um."

Summer_Abroad_2016_Pres.jpgFashion Forward

Our students always dress well and they are unique and thoughtful with their wardrobe choices. And wow, what a lesson I learned from their presentations! What I thought was a denim "tuxedo" (denim on denim on denim) is actually quite trendy now. And who would have thought sneakers go with dresses and not just athleisure.

I learned about differences in Parisian fashion and American fashion, as well as marketing differences. And when the students shopped, (Oh, and they shopped like champions!), their experiences were meaningful noting the store visuals, product quality, brand appearance, and the ever so important Euro vs. the dollar.

These young women were amazing. They were inquisitive, smart, friendly, interested and respectful. They make amazing classmates and will make even better colleagues in the fashion industry. I was confident about who the LIM student was before, and now I am proud of who the LIM student is. I already miss them.

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