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Stroll Around Shoreditch

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by Tiffany D'Angelo

Shoreditch is known for being full of vibrant art created by its talented residents! It’s mainly an area for musicians, artists, and creative students, much like us.

Around every corner there’s a new piece of street art just waiting to be discovered. Every day I find myself being inspired by their work, especially as a fashion student, so I wanted to share some with you!

Markets in the area, like Brick Lane Market and Old Spitalfields, are the hub of all the talent within Shoreditch. There you can find artwork for sale, listen to captivating musicians, rummage through remodeled old-school items, and even find vintage must-have clothing for a great deal!

Personally, I love searching for vinyl records to add to my collection. I’ve bought quite a few already. Being from New York also comes in handy when it’s time to bargain with the street vendors since it’s like second nature. I’ve become a regular at one record stand in Brick Lane in particular that always gives me a great deal.

Below are a few of my favorite pieces that I’ve found recently. The detailing on some of the street art you come across is absolutely breathtaking. 


Since the East End of London has so much art culture to offer, it’s easy to miss some really great pieces. For a small fee, there’s even a tour available that takes tourists around Shoreditch, showing them the hidden gems around town. It’s a great opportunity to take for a more in-depth look at what Shoreditch has to offer.



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