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Uni Life, Food & The RMIT Village

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by Danielle Infantino

Danielle_Australia.jpgThe sound of taxi cabs, and police sirens blaring down the city streets at 7 am…it is safe to say that doesn’t exist here. Instead its absolute quiet. It's so peaceful that you might even find birds on your balcony (which of course you would then have to chase out your room.)

My mornings here in beautiful Melbourne start pretty early because of “Uni” (what they refer to as University). In regards toUni Life, classes here are completely different from those at LIM.

Instead of about twenty students in a lecture, there are usually ninety and sometimes more. Following our lectures, we are required to take Tutorials or tuts, which are made up of a smaller class and require group work and a final project.  

One of the perks of studying abroad, is you that get to take your electives. You can take classes that you would not necessarily be able to take at LIM, which is something to take full advantage of. Some of the classes I am taking here are Introduction to Advertising, as well as Introduction to Australian Society and Culture.

AWaffle.jpgfter a day at Uni, usually my friends and I will find some cool places to get lunch which allows us to to explore the city more. I have been able to check out some really good burger places like Grand Trailer Park Taverna. I have also come across a couple cafés which I will be going back to soon, called Seven Seeds and Naughty Boy.

The food here is very diverse, which is a cool way to experience the culture. I have learned to order things I normally wouldn’t, and thus far, I have not been disappointed.

Of course, one of the best parts is being able to learn all the different Aussie food slang, for instance some of my favorite to hear are:Australia_Ice_Cream.jpg

Chips - Fries

Barbie -Barbecue

Greasies - Any type of fried food

Tomato Sauce – ketchup

Fairy Floss – Cotton Candy

Maccas- McDonalds

Once the Melbourne heat gets too much, and believe me since it is summer here, it gets really hot, I head back to the RMIT Village.

RMIT_Pool.jpgStaying here was one of the best choices I made. I am able to be around other students who go to RMIT and the University of Melbourne. The environment at the village feels like one big family, everybody seems to know everybody and everybody looks out for each other. Which I also feel accurately reflects the Australian culture. 

I know that the village is supposed to be a student dorm, but it feels much more like a vacation spot. But, I swear I’m getting all of my school work done first. The village is made up of a large study lounge, laundry rooms, balconies, a glass house with a pool table and table tennis, a larger kitchen, (in addition to your own kitchen in your room) a small café, a lounge room (perfect for movie nights), and did I mention a heated pool?

Needless to say, I can officially say I think I have settled I pretty well in Melbourne. I have been getting used to the area, and even planned some trips outside of this city!

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