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What to Pack When Studying Abroad

posted by Alyxis Flaggs

by Alyxis Flaggs

How exactly does one pack for six months and make it fit in two suitcase? Oh, yeah…Melbourne is known for having four seasons in a day as well. So now I need clothes and shoes for all seasons to fit into two suitcases that aren’t very big.  Being a fashion student I have way too many clothes and think that I need to pack them all, but that was clearly impossible to do.

I started preparing for Australia about two weeks before my flight, just to make sure I had anything and everything I needed. Clothes were the first task especially since that was going to be the hardest. I literally went drawer-by-drawer and picked out everything I “needed”, and then I went to my closet and just started grabbing everything I thought I “had to have.”

After I realized that I would need room for shoes and other things such as toiletries I then had to make the final cuts of clothes and shoes. I literally laid everything out in my bedroom and chose what I really needed. I did this process about five times until I could actually fit everything I needed into my suitcases.  

Once I was all packed, I was ready for take off. My total travel time was 27 hours including layovers. The first stop was Los Angeles from Detroit. After LAX I was off to Sydney then finally Melbourne.

Surprisingly my flight wasn’t too bad especially since I flew alone. I wasn’t emotional at all. I was actually pretty calm the whole time. This changed immediately once I got to my temporary accommodation.

For some reason my emotions took over and I just started crying. I was overwhelmed and it finally set in that I was literally across the world all by myself. The other LIM students would arrive two weeks after to me so I was forced to make friends.

Although I was emotionally overwhelmed I forced myself to be adventurous and explore the city. I decided to do a hop-off, hop-on sightseeing tour through Melbourne. Which was a great decision, because not only was I able to see Melbourne, but it also forced me to stay awake and help me adjust to the 16-hour time difference.

Below are some images from the tour.

Flinders_Street_Station_300_199 Luna_Park_300_199

Flinders Street Station:
An historic and still functioning railway station.

Luna Park:
An amusement park in St. Kilda, similar to Coney Island in Brooklyn.

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