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2016 International Textile and Apparel Association Conference (ITAA)

posted by Michael Londrigan, Dean of Academic Affairs


The week of November 7 I attended the annual International Textile and Apparel Association (ITAA) conference, held in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia (aka Canada).

The conference was wonderful. I came back with many new ideas and a great deal of information to share with LIM’s faculty members, department chairs and our study abroad coordinator. 

During the conference I participated in a panel discussion about what colleges are doing around CSR and sustainability. This discussion was presented by Educators for a Socially Responsible Apparel Practices (ESRAP), a subset of ITAA which meets annually at the conference.

HiggIndex.jpgAt our last conference ESRAP began to work on the Higg index, a tool used by the Sustainable Apparel Collation to index retailers and suppliers as they relate to CSR and sustainability practices, in order to develop standard learning objectives that we will share with the global education community, focusing on the importance of CSR practices and sustainability.

Once this work is complete our hope is that many colleges and universities around the globe will adopt some or all of the learning outcomes, which will we are optimistic will be available next fall.

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