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Shopping trends of young men - Not like your father

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LIM College New York City fashion merchandising fashion marketing Today a shift is taking place in the shopping patterns of young men that is having an overall affect on the menswear industry.

Have you been to a mall, shopped in a men's boutique, or spent time in a department store lately?  Next time you are out and about, take note of the young men who are shopping, Today's young men shop differently than their fathers. Now young men take their time and enjoy the shopping experience; the practice of shopping is becoming a part of their social fabric. Their fathers were, and most likely still are, destination shoppers. The paternal generation used "hit and run" methods: the goal was to be in and out of the store as quickly as possible, if you will. 

This shift in shopping patterns may be tied to a sociological factor-the prominence of single parent households led by a female. Many young men learned to shop like their mothers and sisters at a young age. Their current ease and comfort with leisurely shopping follows directly from that.

Contemporary retailers and brands need to be mindful of these changes and find ways to capitalize on them. At least that is a pervasive theory about retailing in the industry at the moment. Are the marketers and other experts right?  If you are a young man or spend time with young male shoppers and have an opinion, please leave a comment.

- Michael Londrigan, Chair of Fashion Merchandising Department, LIM College

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