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LIM College MBA Student on Studying Abroad in France

posted by Paul Mucciarone

The thought of studying abroad can be equally terrifying as it is exciting. Getting to explore a foreign city and experiencing a new culture is an amazing opportunity for any student, but may require some courage to take the chance. However, LIM College MBA student Amanda Castilone knew she wanted to seize the opportunity. She took that chance and is now studying at PoleESG in the heart of Paris. Now, she shares with us the fears she had, and why she boarded that plane to France!

Why did you choose Paris out of all other places to study abroad?

I originally thought I wanted to study in London, but the graduate program at LIM College was still working on the exchange agreement with London College of Fashion at that time. Then, I found out I was able to study at PoleESG in Paris, and was thrilled! I knew that I would get a better experience studying in Paris, because the city really values fashion like New York.

Also, the Parisian way of life is very different from what we are accustomed to in the United States. I knew it would be difficult because the only French words I knew we're Bonjour, Merci, and s'il vous plaît... but I was up to the challenge!

At LIM College MBA student the Musée du Lourve during her study abroad experience in Paris.

What was your biggest concern when you considered studying abroad?

My biggest, initial concern was not knowing how to speak French. After being here for about a month, I find that almost everyone I talk to is more than willing to help me if I simply say "bonjour" and tell them "Je ne parle pas français" which means "I do not speak French." After people hear that they almost instantly speak English, and are very accommodating! Now my biggest concern is how to conserve my money with all the traveling I want to do! 

What made you decide to go for it?

I didn’t take the chance to study abroad during my undergrad, and I knew this would be my last opportunity to study in another country. I knew as soon as I interviewed with LIM College and learned that they offered study abroad programs that I was going to go for it. As soon as I was sure the exchange program with PoleESG was in place and I was able to apply there would be no turning back for me!

What classes are you taking?

I am taking International MBA courses at  both ESG Management School and Paris Business School. At ESG, I am studying International Marketing and Branding for Luxury Products. At PBS, I am taking Fundamentals of Luxury and Fashion. staff Staff Profiles Desktops & Documents paul.mucciarone My Documents My Pictures Welcoming day at ESG resized 600

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