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Top 10 Things for Recent Grads to Remember When Job Hunting

posted by Paul Mucciarone

By Nancianne Esposito, Career Counselor - Graduate Programs

Here are the ten most important pieces of advise that I give to the graduate students who visit my office. If you keep these vital tips in mind, you will get better results from your job search!

  1. Look every day for jobs. Recruiters receive hundreds of resumes the first day a position is posted. Set a time aside every day when to look and apply for positions.
  2. Always attach a cover letter! Write a well-researched, targeted cover letter. Personalize each cover letter, by doing your research on LinkedIn, and addressing it to a targeted person.
  3. Focus your job search, and only apply to positions that you are qualified for.
  4. Use LinkedIn to its fullest capacity!!!! Make sure your profile is up-to-date, professional photo, recommendations, join groups, connect, research, search and apply for jobs.
  5. Dress the Part: When interviewing, remember to dress appropriately for the company and position. In industries such as Fashion, you may not want to wear the standard boring business suit. Make sure all garments are professional, fit well, are clean, and not wrinkled.
  6. Proofread!!! Every piece of writing you send to an employer is a sample of your work. This includes emails, cover letter, resume, thank you note, and messages on LinkedIn.
  7. Send a hand written thank you that shows your personality and the personality of the company immediately after the interview. It shows you care and have taken the additional time.
  8. Clean up your online profile. Employers are researching candidates’ online profiles before even bringing them in for an interview. Having an unprofessional online presence can ruin your chances of getting an interview or job.
  9. Remember the importance of soft skills.
  10. Be polite! We live in such a fast paced world today that basic manners can sometimes be forgotten. Remember the basics mom taught you, please and thank you.
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