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Career Advice for Graduate Students

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by Amira Clement

knowledgeispower.jpgWorking in public relations throughout my internships and in my current job as publicist, I have gone through ups and downs in the fashion PR industry and have learned so much during the process. Here are three pieces of career advice that have seriously helped me. Hopefully, this advice can help you with your next internship or job.

1. Always ask questions.

Never be afraid to ask questions at an internship or job since you are there to learn as much as you can. Luckily, in my experience I have had the pleasure of working with really nice people and they were super helpful and actually liked that I asked questions and took initiative. This can also go a long way when you start a job. You’ll know more and have the job down pat because you asked a lot of questions previously.

2. Be proactive.

This is just as important as the first piece of advice. Being proactive at an internship or at your job shows that you care. Doing little things that get you noticed such as, staying late, asking for more work, looking for tasks on your own when you have free time, and asking to be included in meetings, calls, trips, etc., will definitely go the distance.

3. Never give up.

This one may sound a little clichéd, but it is so important. Starting out you may not be doing exactly the work you were you were expecting to do. Keeping in mind the first two pieces of advice will definitely help here. If you keep the end goal and a vision of you succeeding in your mind while you are working towards it, it becomes much easier to handle and you’ll notice that keeping a positive attitude and doing the tasks at hand will land you your dream job without a doubt.

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