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Dealing with Work-related Depression

posted by Sonal Agarwal


What is depression? First of all, it's a temporary phase and, as per my understanding, depression is a state of mind where you are not happy with where you are or the way things in your life are going. 

During this time of our lives, we are constantly setting career goals, looking for internships, managing personal and professional relationships, etc. And when we have trouble at work and are not able to achieve what we want, we might see ourselves in a situation where nothing seems to go right.

We become sad, we start getting irritated about every little thing, and then, we start to overthink. This overthinking pushes our minds into a world of negativity, which results in depression. And the next thing you know, you are watching “How to be happy” videos online. 

What should we do when we are hit by this feeling of never-ending sadness? Should we see our regular doctor, a therapist, a psychiatrist, or a counselor? You might want to do just that, and LIM has an Office of Counseling & Wellness Services for undergrad and grad students. If you are feeling sad or depressed they can help!

Of course I sometimes get depressed and I have absolutely no shame in admitting it. Name me one person who doesn't get depressed? Everyone gets depressed at times. 

Work-related depression, when situations in the workplace are bringing you down, is a very common phenomenon. My top tip would be to talk to somone you trust about your situation. When you are talking it's almost like magic, but some of your sadness can dissapear.

Also, by talking to someone you can get advice about what to do in your specific situation since the person you are talking to really knows you. (That doesn't mean a counselor or a therapist who doesn't know you can't help. They have lots of experience dealing with people who are depressed so they have some great insights and measures that work.)

YouAreSpecial.pngAnother tip I have is to let the sad thoughts soar in, but, at some point, let those feelings pass. So, if I feel like crying, I cry. If I feel like being alone, I'll be alone and I try to let it pass. I accept that I am sad and this too shall pass.

I know of someone who puts post-its around her place with upbeat sayings and things like, "You will not feel sad forever. This is only temporary." It's good to have these reminders!

You can give yourself permission to feel sad, but also give yourself a deadline for feeling sad... half an hour, half a day, one day, one week. Often you will start to feel a little better before you hit your deadline.

I hope that you don't have any issues in the workplace, but if you do, I hope that this blog can help.

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