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From India to NYC!

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by Achala Ganesan

Illustration by Achala Ganesan

I think I was around fifteen when I decided I wanted to move to New York City. I didn’t know when or how I’d do it, but I knew I wanted, to quote Sinatra, to "be a part of it." 

Studying fashion design as an undergrad really opened my eyes to the different elements of the fashion industry. During my study abroad semester at the University of Leeds, UK, I took a few marketing and branding courses and fell in love with the business side of fashion.

This was a defining point in my education, and I realized that I wanted to go back to school and pursue a degree in fashion marketing and branding.

After I graduated, I worked as a designer with a bespoke start-up company. One of my responsibilities was to manage the social media marketing and blogging accounts. I really enjoyed creating ad campaigns and dabbling with marketing, which really justified my need to go back to school to learn more.

I found LIM while scouring the internet. I was very specific on coming to NYC, and that narrowed my search down considerably. While looking at schools though, I really didn't like the course structure at most of them. 

As dramatic as this may sound, I had almost given up when I found LIM! The MPS (Master of Professional Studies) seemed like the perfect fit for me. It was streamlined, focused and would even give me industry experience, all in the span of one year.

So if you’re in the same position that I was and are thinking about applying to LIM's Center of Graduate Studies , here is some insight into the application process.

1. You’ll need to fill out an application form and answer three short essay questions. Don’t get flustered. They’re extremely well-focused questions that allow you to tell LIM a lot more about yourself and your goals than a regular Statement of Purpose would!
2. You will also have a short Skype interview where you will be asked to talk about your academic and work experience.
3. Finally, if you’ve been accepted, congratulations! You will be notified pretty quickly as LIM follows a rolling admissions process. You can then start getting all your required documents in order. I am an international student so VISA documentation was a must.

The application process was very easy to follow. A LIM representative was always in touch with me and open to answering any queries that I had. It is also well worth checking their social media pages as they always have information on open house dates or international campus visits. (Check out this page of the website for all LIM College social media.)

If the business of fashion is your calling, and you want to move to New York, LIM is truly the place to be!

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