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Get Technological Help at LIM College in Person or Online

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by Leah Francis

Headphones? Check. Flash drive? Check. Laptop. Check. 

So, you are ready for all the bits and bytes of a graduate school career at LIM College but, in addition to buying the hardware to rise to the top, you do need more. LIM offers a range of computer systems and services to help you excel. 

Ultimately, these are here to ease your workload. Having it easier is a main perk of living in this technological era so take advantage of everything. It is also necessary to compete effectively in this day and age.

How are you going to do all that? First, remember that there is the Help Desk on the second floor of Maxwell Hall open Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 8 pm and on Friday from 9 am to 5 pm. After getting over my urge to figure out things on my own I headed up there and they were a great help.

Next, if you haven’t already done this, make sure you connect your LIM email to your mobile phone. This way you can be notified immediately with messages from your professors, internships, job opportunities or any emergency. These can come at any time so periodically checking your email on a computer just isn’t as productive.

Furthermore, get the Blackboard Mobile Learn app from Google Play. It is a quick way to check homework assignments, read discussion board posts and general course information when you are not carrying your laptop or even when you are.

Moreover, if you do not have Microsoft Word or PowerPoint, two programs that are often used in class go to and download Microsoft Office. It is free for members of the college. The site will direct you on how to do this or you can make an appointment at with an IT staff person to walk you through it.

Lastly, one of my favorites is the scanner in the library computer lab. If any of your books are taking a while to get here or get stuck in the mail, you can scan copies of the chapters you need onto your flash drive and print them out.

Once you get these basics done pick up the Office of Information Technology sheet available on the wall next to the Help Desk. It details topics such as where to find the MACS to getting direct contact information to the IT department. There really is an abundance of additional technological offerings that you can explore here at LIM.

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