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Going Back to School, Graduate School!

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by JaNaie Fort

Deciding to go back to school was a decision I made after realizing I really wanted to focus on marketing. My undergraduate degree is in Fashion Industry Management, which covered merchandising, design, textiles and marketing. I really was fortunate to receive such a well-rounded education, but I always enjoyed marketing more than anything else.

Once I came across LIM College's Center for Graduate Studies MPS in Fashion Marketing program, I realized it was exactly what I wanted to do. Since a Master of Professional Studies is focused on a specific area, I felt like it would be perfect for me in my hopes of changing from the merchandising field to marketing.

I think that with my current knowledge of buying and merchandising I can be even more beneficial to a company. Having multiple perspectives can only help me in the long run. My dream job would be to work in brand management or consulting. I would love to help a company develop their brand image and develop an ideal marketing campaign to achieve such.

Obtaining an MPS degree will set me ahead of the competition simply because not many people in the industry go on to further their education while gaining real industry experience. Regardless of where my career path takes me, LIM’s MPS program has made me a more well rounded individual with an even broader professional network.

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