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Grad School + 8 Great Apps = Success!

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by Tonya Burks

Grad school can seem pretty stressful at times, and sometimes, it's hard to cope with all you have to do. Fortunately, we live in a world where almost everything you need to give a helping hand has been made into an app.

Overwhelmed by work at grad school? Uneasy about money troubles? Don't have any time to go grocery shopping, etc.? There's an app for that...and just about everything else! I’ve gathered up some great apps that have made my life a little easier and hopefully, yours as well.


Mint_logo.jpgLiving in NYC, you know how much money can be spent in a day. It's vitally important to budget your bucks and the Mint app will help keep you in line. It sends alerts bills are due and you can even keep track of your credit score and learn how to make it better and with this app you’ll be able to set monthly limits on food/dining, shopping, entertainment, and transportation. By using this Mint, you’ll be able to see just how much you spend on a normal basis, which probably will be a much needed wake up call.




Venmo_logo.jpgVenmo makes receiving money from family and friends into your bank account much easier. With this app you're also able to pay back a friend and transfer money into your bank account in less than a day.




Sleep Cycle


Restless and sleepless nights are common while going though grad school. Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock that analyzes your sleep by monitoring your sleeping habits from a nightstand and helps wake you up during lightest sleep phase, which makes waking up easy and relaxed. This app also offers advice on how to get a better sleep. 




With this one app you’ll be able to organize all your notes, online content, to-do lists, PDFs, and images of various documents, etc. You won’t have to worry about where you saved something because it’ll be in one place and that’s Evernote. The great thing about the app is that you’re able to sync it to all your devices. Once you take a note down, it will automatically be available on all your devices.




As grad students, being or becoming overwhelmed is a given. So to combat the stress we need a moment to center ourselves. With meditation you get just that. Research has said that meditation can help you become happier, calmer, and healthier. By using Headspace, you'll learn how to meditate and how to get the most out of meditation. With just 10 minutes a day, you can experience a better peace of mind and be more present in life.



Hello Fresh


Between classes, a job, and/or an internship, there's barely time to do anything, including shop for groceries. Hello Fresh is food service that delivers ingredients to your door to prepare up to five meals every week. There are also quick 30 minute recipes available. Before you know it, you will be an amateur chef in no time.




Say goodbye to forgetting when that ten-page paper is due because MyHomework is here for the save. With this app, you can keep track of all your assignments, classes, and tests with ease. It’s a great app to replace your physical planner, at least your academic one.





Digital flashcards… Yes, please! If you’re like me and hate carrying around an endless amount of flashcards in your bag, this is the app for you. Studying with regular, tired flashcards can get boring, but with Cram it can  make studying sessions slightly less dreadful.




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