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Grad Student in NYC: How to Beat the Mean Streets of NYC

posted by Aryelle Santos

How's life treating you in NYC? It can be a jungle out there! Below are some tips on surviving the mean streets of New York City!

Heels.jpgWear comfortable shoes. Ladies, I know that we go to a fashion school, but leave the heels at home! It is not practical to be walking around the city in 3+ or 6-inch heels or even your most “comfortable” wedges. Trust me, any type of heel will hurt your feet just by walking around the city. 

Backpacks-1.jpgBags are your new bestie. Still need to wear your cutest yet most uncomfortable shoes? Wear flats or flip flops and carry your heels. Another major life-saving tip when traveling around the city is to carry an over-the-shoulder bag or knapsack that will be big enough to double as a book bag and a purse, or just bring two bags!

Water_Bottle.jpgNever EVER leave the house without a bottle of water. Make sure that you also leave room in your bag for snacks and water! If you don’t feel like packing your lunch for the day, at least make sure you bring an energy bar or snacks that will satisfy your hunger cravings throughout the day. Walking around the city will take a toll of not only your feet, but your stomach as well!

Times_Square_People.jpgKnow your tourist spots. A true New Yorker avoids Times Square at all times because of one reason... tourists! Even though our campus is in a touristy location with Saks Fifth Avenue, St. Patrick's Cathedral, and Rockefeller Center nearby, try walking on Madison instead of Fifth. That way you can avoid the tourist gazing at a Saks Fifth Avenue window display when you need to jet between The Townhouse and the Fifth Avenue building.

Check out our Living in NYC page on the LIM website for more info on the greatest city in the world.

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