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Grad Student Profile: Jasmine Zamora and Christian Dior

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Jasmine2MPS Marketing student Jasmine Zamora balances grad school at LIM College with a freelance marketing assistant position for Christian Dior. Not too shabby for a part-time job, right? How did she get this coveted dream job?

"I went to the Career Fair at LIM last October and gave my resume to 24 Seven. (24 Seven is a talent acquisition and recruiting agency.) They contacted me when Dior had an opening," she explains.

Her responsibilities at Christian Dior include preparing sample kits for stores across the country plus Canada, and assisting in budget management and competitive analysis. She also proofreads and edits information packets.

Jasmine, who’s from San Francisco, studied Public Relations at San Jose State University. After graduating, she worked as a manager for a museum in San Jose while working as a PR coordinator at Grey Area Marketing. (Obviously she’s a pro at time management!)

How does her position at Christian Dior compare to her past work experiences? "Before, I used to work for a smaller company, so I had more responsibilities." At the museum in San Jose, she managed a staff of 14 and at Grey Area Marketing, there were press releases to deal with, media to pitch, as well as events and photo shoots to plan.

Before coming to New York, she took a year off to travel and explore. Jasmine decided to get her masters in Fashion Marketing because she felt like it was a niche subject and she would be able to use the knowledge learned in her fashion career.

Having just turned 25, Jasmine has many more goals and dreams that she wants to accomplish. After finishing her master’s program, she wants to work in fashion PR. After getting enough experience in NYC, she’d like to go back to San Francisco. As a laidback person with a bit of a “tomboy personality”, she says that she’d like to work for the GAP or Levi's back home. Her personal style has always been geared towards street fashion with a girly twist.

When asked about advice to fellow grad students Jasmine says, "Network and put yourself out there. Take a leap of faith." And, where does she network, you ask? "Everywhere I go. Anyone you meet can be a potential door to an opportunity."

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