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How Graduate Students Can Get Involved at LIM

posted by Casey Miller


There’s more to the college experience than just attending class! When I was searching for Master’s Programs, one of the key factors that weighed heavily on my decision to choose LIM College was student involvement. Joining clubs and participating in programs on campus enriches and facilitates a well-rounded graduate experience. The graduate program is growing, and so are the opportunities for its students to participate in the LIM community! 

LIM College offers many different opportunities for graduate students to get involved. Student Life Services dedicates their time to find new and interesting ways to connect you with your fellow peers and faculty.

I know…we’re busy! As graduate students we have a lot going on with work or school, but contributing to student life has a lot of benefits. Student involvement helps to build our community and makes us feel more connected to our school. Participating in clubs and programs can also help to build our resumes and impress future employers. We all chose to pursue our Masters Degrees at LIM to help position ourselves for a successful career in the fashion industry. So why not take advantage of all of the resources that our school has to offer?

Check out the list below for different organizations and programs LIM College offers:

betty_bottomless_closet-1.jpgClubs And Organizations:

LIM offers co-curricular and extracurricular organizations

Academic Clubs

            - Visual Merchandising Club

            - Lexington Line (Student Magazine)

            - Cosmetics Club

Cultural Clubs

            - Global Students Club

Event Planning Clubs

            - Graduate Programs and Activities Board (GAP)

DanceTeam_Epocholution_6.jpgPerforming Arts Clubs

            - The Dance Team

Special Interest Clubs

            - Black Retail Action Group (B.R.A.G)

            - Fashion Show Production Club

            - Corporate Social Responsibility Club

            - Philanthropy Club

            - Delight Ministries

            - LBGTQ Alliance (Open Closets)

Community Service and Service Learning

LIM leads several different community service activities including Bottomless Closet Drive, New York Cares Day and the Annual LIM College Blood Drive

LIM College Philanthropy Club.jpgDiversity Programs

Programs to encourage LIM students to engage and grow in the diversity of our community

Leadership Programs

Student programs that help to develop leadership skills

            - mentors.jpgMentor Program

            - Annual Leadership Conference

            - Student Leadership Series

Spiritual Life

LIM facilitates opportunities for students of all faiths to explore and participate in  a wide range of traditions and activities.

It’s On Us

A campus wide campaign of advocacy and solidarity against all forms of sexual and gender-based violence

Delta_Mu_Delta.jpgDelta Mu Delta

Graduate students who are currently in the top 20% of their class and have a cumulative GPA of 3.8 or higher are invited to join Delta Mu Delta.

College Wide Events

LIM College offers many on-campus programs including the CEO Speaker series, and seasonal events. 

To learn more and get involved email Or, if you want to start your own club or organization, check out the Student Organization Handbook.                                                   

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