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How to Build a Killer Resume

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by Caroline Franco

We all know way too well the stress that goes into building a resume. It's a haunting and daunting activity we all dread doing. (Well, at least I dread it.) From the right font, to the right adjectives, spacing, and even header, how can we get it right?

Elle Woods, from Legally Blonde, knew exactly how to build a killer resume and you can too! Aside from having it pink and scented, (Honestly, I tried the scented trick and it didn't work...Just ended up with a stained and soggy resume.), you too can, walk up to any person and be as confident as Elle was when she handed Professor Callahan her resume.

For starters, realize that you won't get it right the first time or the second, but that's okay because practice makes it perfect. Trying to build a resume is extremely time consuming and entails a very significant amount of dedication. When I first began my resume, I must say I thought I was doing pretty well until a second pair of eyes looked at it and showed me that it was just a bunch of nonsense.

Resumes aren't really about how much experience you have, I mean it is, but the content of it is more valuable than a bunch of random positions listed, which doesn't match the position you're searching for. For example: Listing that I was a lifeguard for four years on my resume won't help me find my dream job in a fashion magazine—But hey, at least they'll know I'm certified in CPR. Bonus! Not really. List jobs and experiences that you've had in the past that put you in the spotlight as the perfect candidate.

Lucky for us LIM'ers we can have a professional extra pair of eyes to help build the best resume you'll ever have. If you ever need someone to take a look at your resume to see what needs to be changed, every Monday and Tuesday there are “Express Appointments” for graduate and alumni students who need a resume boost. This only takes about ten minutes and it will sure help you in the long run. 

The dates and times are listed below and don't be afraid of reaching out to an advisor: They're here to guide you in the right direction.

Dates: Monday's and Tuesday's from now through December 4th

Time: 3 pm – 5 pm

Location: Maxwell Hall, 8th Floor

Next stop, your dream job!

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