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How to Deliver Effective Presentations at Work

posted by Sonal Agarwal

Presentation_2.pngTo make giving presentations easier, I've put all the little tricks together that have always worked for me like a charm. 

  1. Dress impeccably.

This is the most important thing you can do before you go out there to rock your presentation.Dressing well DOES NOT mean using your credit card until you reach your limit. NO. You do not have to go shopping for the best dress out there or the best pair of heels. Just be well dressed. Not for others, but for yourself.

Being well-dressed also gives you instant confidence. Even if the office wear is casual make sure what you put on is classic and not provocative. 

  1. Start with an ice breaker.

This is always a hit. Start by saying how amazing the weather is today or how happy you are to see everyone. You might even try a joke if it fits in with the topic at hand.  Do not look serious. No matter how nervous you are, never let them know. Smile, and take a deep breath.  

Using ice breakers tend to make the overall atmosphere in the room better, and people connect with you instantly. Remember to be yourself because being fake just never works.

  1. Provide a brief

Arrows.pngI make a point to provide the attendees with a verbal brief before starting my presentation. You could also give them printouts with bullet points. Giving a quick briefing will get everyone onboard with the subjects you'll be covering.  

  1. Show them that you are in control

Okay, so this tip is to be followed when you are finally delivering the presentation. No matter how nervous you are, take this as a do or die situation and give it your best shot. Speak a little louder than you usually do. Ignore the last sentence if you’re using a mic. 

Do not be scared of anything. You may mess up, you may say a few things incorrectly, but remember, they don’t know that. If you are presenting a document (PowerPoint, etc.), please use more visuals and less words. Presentations with long sentences and fewer pictures are dull and boring. Nobody likes them. 

Do not simply read your presentation as it appears. Everyone can do that themselves. Keep the barest amount of information in and you can verbally expand on some of the subjects in your presentation.

Your presentation should have data that looks colorful and alive. Use charts, visuals, or graphs. Use intriguing images and try to put information in bullet points. If very important info needs to be shared, print it out and give it to Presentation_Graphic.pngthe audience to read. This also keeps them busy for a bit so you can relax and not feel like you're under so much pressure.

  1. End it like a breeze

Make sure that the end of your presentation is clear and end the presentation on a good note. Before you sign off be sure to ask the audience if they have any questions. Offer to get in touch with a person after the meeting if he or she (or you) can't stay after or, if by some small, slim chance, you don't know the answer. Thank the audience for listening to you and of course, do not forget to smile.

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