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How to Mind Your “Own” Business at Work

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by Sonal Agarwal

YouCanTrustMe.jpgMinding your own business at work? What’s that supposed to mean? How can anyone not be interested in knowing why their colleague was fired? Or who’s making more money than you?

We’re human beings and this is what we do. Talk, and most of the times, talk about other people and what they do. But is this a good practice at work? I don’t think so.

My first rule at work, which I struggle at following, is to never trust anyone, fully, too fast. And by this I mean never ever believe in anyone too soon.

Personally, I believe in people way too fast. I believe what they tell me about them, about their experiences and everything else. In short, I believe whatever they say to me. And what I do in return? I confide in them. And this is exactly what you are not supposed to do.

Trust is a good thing. You should definitely trust people, but not too fast. At the work place I have seen people change faster than my nail color. Really.

When you start working at a new company, for at least four to six months, you should focus more on listening and understanding than talking. No, I don’t want you to keep shut and act like a psycho who doesn’t say a word. Talk, but do not give out too much information.

Trust_Yourself.jpgI try hard to not get involved in other people’s matters and not to give a negative opinion. (Remember, if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.) When I'm at work, if I feel myself getting drawn towards something that's not truly beneficial, I grab my headphones and put on my favorite tracks.

Another thing you can do is talk to your friends about it. It works for me. I think talking to friends is like therapy. They will listen to you and laugh with you and of course will give you their opinion.

I do not want to sound all negative and demotivating here. It's totally normal to make friends at work. Sometimes with some people, you just click! But I have seen people who I thought were my new best friends and sadly, they turned out to be totally different. So, I just want you to be a little more careful.

Not minding your own business at work can affect you in the worst way and it's always better to be cautious. Just like you look at both sides of the road before crossing to make sure there’s no danger coming your way, be alert at work and make sure you cross the line when it is the safest to do so.

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