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How to Start Your Day at Work

posted by Sonal Agarwal


This may not seem important, but from my experience the way you start your day at work greatly affects your personal mood and overall performance through the day. Keep in mind that what you give out to the universe is exactly what you will receive back. Give love, get love. (Most of the times, if you’re lucky). 

I make it a point to always start my day greeting everyone with a highly enthusiastic “Good Morning” and a smile. So what if everybody doesn't respond in kind. It is all about the vibes. You never know, but you might actually cheer up a co-worker who’s had a terrible night. 

After my high-energy good morning, I turn my laptop on, not to check emails (which I do, eventually, obviously), but before that I look for a good motivational quote online, and set it as my desktop wallpaper. You will be looking at that desktop screen at least 20 times that day, and believe it or not, it helps you focus on the good things as soon as you’re starting to have a rough day. My present wallpaper reads “Some people dream of success while others wake up and work hard for it.”

Now I am all set to be awesome for the next eight hours. These little things have always worked for me amd I am sure you all have your own little tricks to start your day. Do whatever works for you!

The key is to be happy and to keep positivity around you so nothing can affect you. And if you are in a bad mood, or your boss in a bad mood, remember, nothing lasts forever.

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