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In Grad School in NYC? Have Stress? Here's How to Overcome It!

posted by Sonal Agarwal


Stress is a funny word. The thought of writing this article on stress, frankly, gave me stress. No kidding. I started writing yesterday, and ended up deleting everything I wrote. And not being able to write the article was enough to stress me out.

In case you're wondering why I call "stress" a funny word it's because, believe it or not, stress has become a part of our lives. A part that we cannot run away from. We can try avoiding stress, but somehow it always creeps back in. 


I am the kind of person who gets stressed out easily, so I am positive that I am one of the best people to help you keep your stress levels down by using a few easy techniques. 

1. One thing that always works for me is deep breathing. The moment you feel stress is attacking you jus take a deep breath. This helps you calm down and give you a clearer view of what’s going on, and hopefully, you will be able to handle the situation more efficiently. 

2. My second tip is, keep your mouth shut. I mean it! We tend to blabber a lot when we are stressed, and most of the times it is all the useless stuff. This is a very difficult thing to do, especially if you’re a girl like me, but keeping quiet makes the situation seem not that bad, and things seem simpler. 

3. My last tip would be to wash your face with ice cold water. You may not always be able to rush to the closest restroom to find water, but you could definitely use this tip when it is convenient. Trust me. It works. How? Because it makes you think clearer and snaps you back to clarity and if anything, it shifts your focus from being stressed to being frozen!!  

I hope these simple tricks work for you. Remember, we’re humans and sometimes we get stressed out. Just remember to breathe! 

If you're feeling a lot of stress please go to our Counseling and Wellnes Services page for more information. 

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