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Interning at Tommy Hilfiger

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by Jordana Urman

Starting graduate school is daunting. Throw in an internship and it can seem like your life is overloaded.

I interned at Tommy Hilfiger as a Marketing Intern throughout my first two semesters of the MPS Fashion Marketing Program. I interned at Tommy from mid-September to mid-April, from 9:30 am - 4:45 pm, three to four days a week, and on occasion five days a week.

Before attending LIM I had interned at Seventeen magazine, Iconix Brand Group, and Yliana Yepez. I learned a lot, but at Tommy, I truly felt like an employee and put my all into the Tommy position.

At Tommy, I was given the chance to work with both Retail and Wholesale, as well as Events. Slowly but surely, I was given more tasks. I worked my way to a position in which I was truly challenged.

I learned how to create distribution lists, buy sheets, and most importantly, I learned how to write creative briefs. By the time April came around I was writing three briefs a week. I worked hard, followed instructions and learned to work efficiently. I never turned down an assignment, no matter how basic or repetitive it was. My boss and the others came to trust me and rely on me.

The best advice I can give LIM students working as an intern is to always ask if anyone needs help. Whenever I had any second of downtime I would ask my boss if she needed help and, if she didn’t, I went from desk to desk just letting people know that I was available.

By doing that I started getting more tasks from the directors of both wholesale and retail. And, I started creating a network of people that knew that I could be an asset. Very few people stay with one organization their entire careers, so each person you impress is an opportunity for a job offer in the future.

It was tough balancing school and an internship. You have to be self-motivated to go to class and deal with schoolwork after a full day’s work when everyone else is going out to play.

And, it is stressful. Interning is like a semester long test. The grade you are looking for is an “ask back,” or a job. If you don’t pass, it doesn’t mess up your GPA, but if you do pass, it is a really rewarding feeling.

Remember why you are in the program. You want a career in fashion more than anything else. Work hard, stay focused, learn every day, and make an impact. This is the start of a beautiful life...

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