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Internship Duties at Jimmy Choo: Working an Off-site Event in the Hamptons

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by Nicola Anderson

Last month I had the awesome opportunity to participate in an exciting event at my Jimmy Choo internship. It was a charity affair which required months of planning and involved setting up an entire boutique in a client’s private home in the Hamptons!

This was a truly unique occasion where I was able to support the team by checking stock, running to grab inventory, and delivering optimal customer service. Although exhausting, it proved to be one of my favorite experiences yet as an intern.   

When I arrived in the Hamptons with my department earlier in the day, I was amazed to find how the IT, retail, visual, and public relations teams coordinated together to create the “JC” experience in an off-site location. The shoes, handbags, and accessories were perfectly curated and merchandised in a large lounge area inside and outside the client’s stunning home.

In terms of visual displays, many angled shoe stands and risers were used as it was necessary to create an appropriate planogram for the space given and to accommodate the list of over one hundred attendees. After walking around and admiring the visual displays, I noticed IT set up a point-of-sale area in the foyer where Jimmy Choo clients could purchase from associates.

The displays were awe-inspiring and it was awesome that we were able to create a complete retail experience. However, I must say that what impressed me the most was when I made my way downstairs away from the party and the glamorous guests.

Our allocator temporarily transported hundreds of shoes to the estate for the day and the bottom floor of the home was transformed into an enormous stock room. Stacked to the ceiling was a wide assortment of Jimmy Choo’s latest styles, and the team and myself frequently ran up and down to acquire shoes for the demanding, refined clientele.       

The entire experience, which lasted just four hours, was incredibly labor intensive. The logistics and planning which can go into a special event or pop-up shop is important and time consuming, but events like this can be beneficial for branding and sales. 

I am certainly looking forward to the next charity event the client will be hosting in a few months, and I’ll be sure to keep you updated! :-)

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