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Internships Pave the Way on the Road to a Job

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by Laura Lynch

Internships give us insight as to where we might like to end up and when we find the right internship at the right company, it’s worth the effort of jumping through all those proverbial hoops to get the full time job. But how do you get there? 

First things first, when you’re applying for internships, always apply to places you could potentially see yourself working. However, be realistic don’t apply to highly competitive internships if you have no internship experience at all. Also, try to do multiple internships if you can because you can never have too much experience.

I had a classmate who interned at Michael Kors two semesters in a row. When a position opened up she applied and spoke to her immediate supervisor who helped her practice for her interview, told her what to expect and helped her formulate questions to ask. She ended up getting a full-time job there, but the steps she took to get her that job are what ultimately helped her.

In my experience I’ve found that consistency is key as well as experience. My classmate had both of those things working for her. She interned at Michael Kors during the spring and summer. The whole time she was there she made an effort to be as involved in the company as she possibly could. She went to meetings, took notes, gave suggestions, and really put in the effort to be present.

At the end of the day your internship should take on the role of shaping your work ethic. If you show up and do exactly what you’re supposed to that isn’t necessarily going to set you apart from other interns.

BE PRESENT! Make the effort to really know your job and the people you work with. Participate when you can and give useful suggestions if you think your team will be open to it. (Interns are sometimes required to sit in productivity meetings, but that isn’t necessarily an invitation for input).

Always go the extra mile and be persistent. Always inquire about jobs and apply to positionss that fit your skill set. Most of all, utilize the connections you make and may very well succeed in turning that internship into a job.

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